Powwow Report for United Kingdom - Edinburgh (Jul 23 2014)

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Report from  Rebecca Hendry
Another lively and enjoyable Edinburgh powwow! Thanks everyone for coming along to my last event before I disappear down south - it was great to see you all. I'm sure that the Edinburgh powwow scene will continue to thrive under the excellent management of Julian. I'll be sure to come back from time to time.

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ProZ.com users and members who attended
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Ramon Inglada
Pernille Chapman
Jacqueline McKay (X)
Rebecca Hendry
Emmanuelle Hingant
Graeme High
Mirjam Urfer
Judith McLean
Fiona Kirton
Cornelius Gillen
Julian Wagstaff
Cesar Ayala
Vivien Green
Yueshi Gu

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