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English to Indonesian translators and interpreters » General fields

English to Indonesian Tech/Engineering oversettere (80)
English to Indonesian Art/Literary oversettere (7483)
English to Indonesian Medical oversettere (1850)
English to Indonesian Law/Patents oversettere (417)
English to Indonesian Science oversettere (1785)
English to Indonesian Bus/Financial oversettere (3507)
English to Indonesian Marketing oversettere (1669)
English to Indonesian Other oversettere (1257)
English to Indonesian Social Sciences oversettere (4348)

English to Indonesian translators and interpreters » Specific fields

English to Indonesian translators: Accounting
English to Indonesian translators: Advertising / Public Relations (1561)
English to Indonesian translators: Aerospace / Aviation / Space (171)
English to Indonesian translators: Agriculture (623)
English to Indonesian translators: Livestock / Animal Husbandry (274)
English to Indonesian translators: Anthropology (362)
English to Indonesian translators: Archaeology (151)
English to Indonesian translators: Architecture (259)
English to Indonesian translators: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting (972)
English to Indonesian translators: Astronomy & Space (212)
English to Indonesian translators: Finance (general) (1380)
English to Indonesian translators: Automation & Robotics (194)
English to Indonesian translators: Automotive / Cars & Trucks (478)
English to Indonesian translators: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-) (488)
English to Indonesian translators: Botany
English to Indonesian translators: Construction / Civil Engineering (429)
English to Indonesian translators: Business/Commerce (general) (1687)
English to Indonesian translators: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.) (282)
English to Indonesian translators: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs
English to Indonesian translators: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng
English to Indonesian translators: Poetry & Literature
English to Indonesian translators: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama
English to Indonesian translators: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion
English to Indonesian translators: Telecom(munications)
English to Indonesian translators: Computers (general)
English to Indonesian translators: Computers: Hardware
English to Indonesian translators: Computers: Software (1014)
English to Indonesian translators: Computers: Systems, Networks
English to Indonesian translators: Law: Contract(s)
English to Indonesian translators: Cooking / Culinary (1095)
English to Indonesian translators: Cosmetics, Beauty (705)
English to Indonesian translators: Medical: Dentistry (184)
English to Indonesian translators: Media / Multimedia (1564)
English to Indonesian translators: Economics (1217)
English to Indonesian translators: Education / Pedagogy (2039)
English to Indonesian translators: Electronics / Elect Eng (393)
English to Indonesian translators: Energy / Power Generation (403)
English to Indonesian translators: Engineering (general) (727)
English to Indonesian translators: Engineering: Industrial (379)
English to Indonesian translators: Mechanics / Mech Engineering (387)
English to Indonesian translators: Nuclear Eng/Sci (91)
English to Indonesian translators: Environment & Ecology (736)
English to Indonesian translators: Esoteric practices
English to Indonesian translators: Fisheries (136)
English to Indonesian translators: Folklore
English to Indonesian translators: Food & Drink (1125)
English to Indonesian translators: Forestry / Wood / Timber (249)
English to Indonesian translators: Furniture / Household Appliances (276)
English to Indonesian translators: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino (1129)
English to Indonesian translators: Mining & Minerals / Gems (246)
English to Indonesian translators: Genealogy (43)
English to Indonesian translators: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters (1550)
English to Indonesian translators: Genetics
English to Indonesian translators: Geography (311)
English to Indonesian translators: Geology (165)
English to Indonesian translators: Government / Politics
English to Indonesian translators: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts)
English to Indonesian translators: Medical: Health Care (729)
English to Indonesian translators: History (949)
English to Indonesian translators: Tourism & Travel (2261)
English to Indonesian translators: Human Resources (1145)
English to Indonesian translators: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings
English to Indonesian translators: Insurance
English to Indonesian translators: International Org/Dev/Coop (634)
English to Indonesian translators: Internet, e-Commerce (1299)
English to Indonesian translators: Investment / Securities
English to Indonesian translators: Metallurgy / Casting (91)
English to Indonesian translators: IT (Information Technology) (1158)
English to Indonesian translators: Journalism (969)
English to Indonesian translators: Real Estate (274)
English to Indonesian translators: Law (general)
English to Indonesian translators: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright
English to Indonesian translators: Law: Taxation & Customs (311)
English to Indonesian translators: Linguistics (1455)
English to Indonesian translators: Transport / Transportation / Shipping (630)
English to Indonesian translators: Management
English to Indonesian translators: Manufacturing (421)
English to Indonesian translators: Ships, Sailing, Maritime (166)
English to Indonesian translators: Marketing / Market Research (1136)
English to Indonesian translators: Mathematics & Statistics (286)
English to Indonesian translators: Medical (general)
English to Indonesian translators: Medical: Cardiology (196)
English to Indonesian translators: Medical: Instruments (225)
English to Indonesian translators: Medical: Pharmaceuticals (372)
English to Indonesian translators: Meteorology (42)
English to Indonesian translators: Metrology (37)
English to Indonesian translators: Military / Defense
English to Indonesian translators: Music (1046)
English to Indonesian translators: Names (personal, company)
English to Indonesian translators: Nutrition (359)
English to Indonesian translators: Petroleum Eng/Sci (314)
English to Indonesian translators: Other
English to Indonesian translators: Paper / Paper Manufacturing (109)
English to Indonesian translators: Patents (162)
English to Indonesian translators: Philosophy (394)
English to Indonesian translators: Physics (188)
English to Indonesian translators: Printing & Publishing
English to Indonesian translators: Psychology (708)
English to Indonesian translators: Religion (915)
English to Indonesian translators: Retail
English to Indonesian translators: Safety
English to Indonesian translators: SAP (99)
English to Indonesian translators: Science (general) (909)
English to Indonesian translators: Slang (325)
English to Indonesian translators: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc.
English to Indonesian translators: Sports / Fitness / Recreation (578)
English to Indonesian translators: Surveying (396)
English to Indonesian translators: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture
English to Indonesian translators: Zoology (160)

English to Indonesian translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Erich Eko
  Legal, Marketing, Biz, Software, Games
📌 – Abattoir Design, Academic Report, Accreditation Certificate Cover Letter, Accreditation Notification Letter, Acquisition Internal Communication, Adoption Agreement, Ads Video Clip Survey Questionnaire, Advertisement Plan, Affidavit, Agent of Agreement, Air Pump Brochure, Aircraft Presentation, Alternative Healing Book, Alternative Tobacco Branding Review, Anti-Corruption Compliance Manual, Anti-Corruption Training, Anti-Harassment Policy, Antitrust Presentation, Apartment Introduction, Application User Manual, Appointment Letter, Approval for Representative Office, Arbitration Award, Armed Forces Budget Plan, Articles of Association, Articles: Arrest of Animal Illegal Seller/ Denture Complete Care/ Ethernet Longevity/ European Paper Business/ Fashion Brands/ Gas Exploration /Jeweler & Crocodile Leather/ Mining Contracts Re-negotiation/ Potato Farmers Empowerment/ Shipping Law/ Urban Transportation System/ Asian Fashion, Assets & Facility Management Guide, Association Bye-Laws, Atla ... Indonesian
4919 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Wiyanto Suroso
  Creating value in your business
experienced Indonesian translator, penerjemah bahasa inggris berpengalaman, seasoned Indonesian translator, senior Indonesian translator, senior javanese translator, professional English to Indonesian translator, penerjemah bahasa inggris profesional, high quality English to Indonesian translation, quality Indonesian translation, penerjemah bahasa inggris bermutu, fast accurate Indonesian translation, penerjemah bahasa inggris cepat tepat, certified English to Indonesian translator, penerjemah bahasa inggris bersertifikat, online certified English to Indonesian translator, online Indonesian translator, penerjemah bahasa inggris online, simultaneous interpreter, simultaneous interpreter team, interpreter equipment, juru bahasa, penerjemah lisan, alat juru bahasa, Indonesian translator in marketing and business, penerjemah bahasa inggris bidang pemasaran dan bisnis, Indonesian translator in legal, penerjemah bahasa inggris bidang hukum, Indonesian translator in education, penerjemah b ... Indonesian
2130 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Hikmat Gumilar
penerjemah, penterjemah, terjemahan, penerjemah tersumpah, sworn translator, Indonesian localization, certified English, Indonesian English, inggris English, jasa English, localization English, penerjemah certified, penerjemah certified English, penerjemah English, penerjemah Indonesian, penerjemah Indonesian English, penerjemah inggris, penerjemah inggris English, penerjemah jasa, penerjemah jasa English, penerjemah localization, penerjemah localization English, penerjemah indonesia korea, penerjemah belanda, penerjemah indonesia arab, penerjemah jerman, penerjemah indonesia jepang, penerjemah dokumen, interpreter bahasa jepang, penerjemah indonesia, terjemahan bahasa indonesia arab, penterjemah bahasa inggris ke bahasa indonesia, penterjemah tersumpah jakarta, penerjemah bahasa inggris indonesia, terjemahan bahasa indonesia ke korea, terjemahan bahasa indonesia ke bahasa arab, terjemahan bahasa asing, penerjemahan indonesia ke inggris, penerjemah bahasa arab ke indonesia, penerjemaha ... Indonesian/Sundanese
1824 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Regi2006
  Because EVERY project is special
contracts, licensing agreements, court documents, business plans, grant applications, tender documents, bios, speeches, presentations, press kits, presentations, brochures, reports, retirement program, training manuals, employment law, recruitment, employee relations, career Management, pay and reward, articles of association, environmental, medical, social sciences, computer, Journalism/news, IT, telecom, Internet, software, web sites, corporate communication, internal communication, financial communication, annual reports, product specifications, tech specs, manuals, operating instructions, policy & procedures, financial, Accounting, stock market, Insurance products and IPOs, advertising and corporate literature, and marketing brochures ... Indonesian
946 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Hengky Chiok
English Indonesian certified translator interpreter, certified translator, English into Indonesian, Indonesian into English, simultaneous interpreting, conference interpreter, consecutive interpreter, legal interpreter, medical interpreter and translator, Religion, Christianity, Christians, Bible, Scripture, theology, Biblical Studies, divinity, Gospel, faith, interpretation, Indonesian, immigration, medical, health care, Insurance, legal, law, deposition, deponent, hearings, trial, court, mediation, business, financial, commerce, speech, non profit, agama, Kristen, Alkitab, Kitab Suci, teologi, studi Biblika, divinitas, Injil, iman, penerjemah, Indonesia, pendeta, imigrasi, kedokteran, kesehatan, pengobatan, hukum, deposisi, persidangan, usaha, bisnis, perdagangan, komersial, sambutan, nirlaba. ... Indonesian
United States
479 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Eddie R. Notowidigdo
  For your Legal Translation needs!
certified translator, certified legal translator, sworn, business, correspondence, legal, law, contracts, police, training, manuals, import, export, incoterms, L/C, letter of credit, catalogue, art exhibition, translator, translation, translating, language service, English Indonesian, Indonesian English, professional translator, bahasa indonesia, penerjemah indonesia, terjemahan, penterjemah, penterjemahan, penerjemah inggris, penerjemah belanda indonesia, Indonesian, penterjemah inggris indonesia, bersumpah, tersumpah, beedigd, penterjemah indonesia inggris, penterjemah belanda indonesia, vertaler, vertaling, nederlands indonesisch vertaler, indonesie, indonesien, deutsch, dutch English Indonesian, pameran lukis, pameran lukisan, pameran patung, kontrak perjanjian, seni, kesenian, seni lukis, jerman, übersetzer, übersetzen, übersetzung, indonesisch, german, deutsch indonesisch übersetzer, beeidigter Übersetzer, vereidigter Übersetzer, beedigd vertaler ... Indonesian
353 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Henny Willis
  High quality translations for you!
proz.com, itranscreate.com, Indonesian translation, Indonesian translation, in Chicago, Indonesian translation in USA, Indonesian certified translation in USA, Indonesian certified translation in Chicago, Indonesian transcreation, Indonesian review, Indonesian reviewer, Indonesian editor, Indonesian proofreader, English Indonesian translation, malay to Indonesian translation, french to Indonesian translation, Indonesian translation service, Indonesian interpreter, Indonesian trancreator, Indonesian app translator, Indonesian android/iPhone app translator, Indonesian mobile translator, Indonesian copy writer, Indonesian proofreading, Indonesian translate, Indonesian website localization, malaysian to Indonesian translation, English to malaysian translation, English to malaysian translation in USA English to malaysian translation in Chicago, Indonesian copy writer, Indonesian transcreation, us based Indonesian translator, chicago based Indonesian translator, traductor, traductrice, tradu ... Indonesian
United States
303 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Arfan Achyar
  Competitively Excellent
certified translator, professional translator, freelance certified translator, freelance professional translator, freelance professional certified translator, interpreter, consecutive interpreter, simultaneous interpreter, automotive maintenance products, bridge construction, brochures, cellular phone, chemical Patents, children participation, children protection, children rights, children, children's rights, communication, company profile, computer games, computer hardware, computer hardware, computer networking, computer software, computer, consolidated account statements, consumer survey, curriculum, education, forestry, gender bias, gender equality, gender issues, general medicine, good corporate governance, human rights issues, human rights, ICT, Insurance booklet, Insurance, ISO standards, IT, labor issues, labor, labor’s law, labor-related human right issues, labors, labour issues, labour, labours, life Insurance, manual, medical equipment, migrant workers, novel, Patents, popul ... Indonesian
290 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Sutarto
  Engineering, IT, and Telecom Translator
Freelancer, Web Localizer, Application Localizer, Proofreader, Editor, Translator, Javanese, English to Indonesian Translator, Across, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Illustrator, Catalyst, DejaVu, IBM CAT tool, Idiom, LocStudio, MetaTexis, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Multilizer, OmegaT, AidsTrans Studio Professional, Alchemy Publisher, AlignFactory, Babylon Glossary Builder, Lingobit Localizer, Nuance OmniPage 17, Nuance PDF Professional 6, Open Language Tools XLIFF Translation Editor 1.3.0, RC-WinTrans Localizer, Restorator 2007, SDL Studio 2009, Sisulizer 2008, Passolo, SDL TRADOS, SDLX, STAR Transit, Wordfast Pro, WordFast Classic, Engineering, English to Indonesian, English to Bahasa Indonesia, English to Javanese, English to Basa Jawa, Indonesian to English, Javanese to English, English to Indonesian Translator, English to Bahasa Indonesia Translator, English to Javanese Translator, English to Basa Jawa Translator, Indonesian to English Translator, Javanese to English Translator, IT, T ... Indonesian
289 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Joe Ly Sien
  High Quality, Accuracy, Excellence
Indonesian translator, English, English translator, certified Indonesian translator, professional Indonesian translator, indonesia translator, certified indonesia translator, professional indonesia translator, Indonesian proofreader, indonesia proofreader, Indonesian editor, English to Indonesian translator, certified English to Indonesian translator, professional English to Indonesian translator, English to indonesia translator, certified English to indonesia translator, professional English to indonesia translator, English to indonesia, English to Indonesian, English into Indonesian translator, English into Indonesian, English-Indonesian, English-Indonesian translator, Indonesian-English, Indonesian-English translator, indonesia to English, indonesia to English translator, Indonesian to English translator, Indonesian to English, Indonesian into English translator, Indonesian into English, Indonesian proofreader, English to Indonesian proofreader, English to bahasa, English to bahasa ... Indonesian
241 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Ferry Toar
  Medical Instruments, Electronics, IT
Bahasa Indonesia, English to Indonesian, translation, penerjemah, terjemahan, engineering, teknik, technical, electronics, elektronika, electrical, listrik, elektro, embedded systems, biomedical, biomedika, medical instruments, instrumen kedokteran, medical electronics, elektronika medis, elektromedis, rehabilitation engineering, teknik rehabilitasi, assistive technology, human factor, computer, komputer, hardware, perangkat keras, software, perangkat lunak, firmware, programming, user interface, education, pendidikan, brochure, brosur, application notes, catatan aplikasi, product specifications, spesifikasi produk, user manual, user guide, panduan pengguna, quick start, tech specs, operating instructions, petunjuk pengoperasian, information technology, teknologi informasi, communication, komunikasi ... Indonesian
235 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Andriys Ariesson Harieska Prajas
  Prime quality with reasonable price
Indonesian translator, English to Indonesian translator, English Indonesian translator, Indonesian to English translator, Indonesian English translator, Indonesian interpreter, English to Indonesian subtitler, transcriber, Javanese translator, English to Javanese Translator, Javanese video translator, Indonesian video translator, Indonesian and Javanese video translator, English to javanese, cheap Indonesian translator, freelance javanese translator, Indonesian book translator, professional Indonesian translator, Indonesian localization service, javanese online translator, online Indonesian translator, English bahasa Indonesian translator, Indonesian freelance translator, Indonesian translation service, translate English to Indonesian, translate Indonesian to English, jasa penerjemah, jasa translate, jasa translator, penerjemah jurnal, penerjemah tersumpah, penerjemah resmi, jasa translate jurnal, jasa penerjemah jurnal, penerjemah bersumpah, sdl trados studio 2017, automotive, bahasa ... Indonesian
119 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Lenah Susianty
   my passion is high quality translation
TRANSLATION, EDITING, SUBTITLING, PROOFREADING, INTERPRETING, VOICE OVER, COPY WRITING, TRANSCREATION, MARKET RESEARCH AND CULTURAL/LINGUISTIC EXPERTISE Law, Human rights and social issue, literature, law, Agriculture, economy, film, media and Journalism, fashion, textile, Pharmaceutical and medical documents. PS: sample of voice over is available here. Check on the upper left side: audio greeting ... Indonesian
United Kingdom
116 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   vicksy nurhayati
  Website,Tourism,Games,Apps Translation
translator, penterjemah, penerjemah, Indonesia, Jakarta, Jonggol, freelance translator, penterjemah lepas, penerjemah lepas, dental text books/journals/articles, business contracts, profiles, Management, shipping, law, certificates, accurate and fast, Islam, Religion, TRADOS, CAT tool, longines watch, automatic wrist watch, Psychology, ship Management, education-syllabus, certificates, dutch, belanda, the Netherlands, software, ... Indonesian
77 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Elfi Liu
  HPI & Proz Certified,Business,Marketing
abstract, academic text, accurate, advertising, advertisement plan, annual report, balanced scorecard, brand, branding, branding strategy, brand Management, business, business letter, business approach letter, business correspondence, business ethics, CAT tools, certified Pro, certified translator, code of business conduct, commerce, consumer behavior, consumer behaviour, corporate social responsibility, culture, e-commerce, editing, experienced, education, employee engagement survey, fiction, FMCG, Harvard Business Review, high-quality translation, History, HPI, HPI certified, Indonesian, integrated marketing communication, international relations, Management, market, marketing, marketing communication, market research, Memsource, MIT Sloan Management review, novel, OmegaT, on-time, politics, product, product strategy, professional, proofreading, quality, questionnaire, revising, reviewing, reliable, social science, sociology, SDL Trados, strategy, strategic, strategic planning, semin ... Indonesian
38 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Meidy Maringka
  Change, me first.
Human Resources, Education, Pedagogy, Religion and religious issues, Catholics and Christianity, Localization, Public Relations, Hotel, Travel and Tourism, Linguistics, Literature (short stories), Language Teaching, Real Estate, Housing, Communication (general), Letters, Greetings, Daily Communication, Product Manuals, General English and Others. ... Indonesian
36 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Mohammad Renaldi Diponegoro
  Reasonable Rates Served with a Smile!
English to Indonesian translation, English to Indonesian editing, English to Indonesian proofreading, English to Indonesian website localization, English to Indonesian chemistry translation, English to Indonesian science translation, English to Indonesian chemical engineering translation, English to Indonesian chemical translation, English to Indonesian engineering translation, English to Indonesian patent translation, English to Indonesian Intellectual Property Rights translation, English to Indonesian Video Games translation ... Indonesian
37 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Kartika Wira Himawan
  HPI Certified Legal Translator
English, Indonesian, legal, business, marketing, aviation, press release, annual report, articles of association, Insurance, agreement, lease agreement, service agreement, Insurance policy, birth certificate, personal documents, loan agreement, company policy, employment agreement, government regulation, amendment, minutes of meeting, banking, Human Resources, facility agreement, swap agreement, guideline, manual, pledge of shares, intercreditor deed, memorandum of understanding, court decisions, expert testimony ... Indonesian
15 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Toni Faisal
  Certified PRO service for your documents
English to Indonesian native translator, translation, editing, proofreading, localization, search engine evaluator, English, Indonesian, engineering, manual translation, website localization ... Indonesian
12 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Hanny Sari
  Translating, Interpreting, Transcribing
interpreter, translator, Indonesian interpreter, Indonesian translator, penerjemah, juru bahasa, juru bahasa simultan, juru bahasa konsekutif, juru bahasa konferensi, conference interpreter, simultaneous interpreter, consecutive interpreter, Indonesian conference interpreter, Indonesian simultaneous interpreter, Indonesian consecutive interpreter, forestry, human rights, Indonesian to English translator, English to Indonesian translator, Indonesian to English interpreter, English to Indonesian interpreter, french to Indonesian translator, freelance Indonesian interpreter, freelance Indonesian translator, railways, shipping, port, military, defense, tourism, communications, french, litterature, questionnaires, marketing surveys, transcriptions ... Indonesian
8 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Muhammad Ramdhan Adhi
  Business Corporate Finance IT Tourism
Indonesian Translator, English to Indonesian Translator, English Indonesian Translator, English Indonesian Translation, English Indonesian Website Localization, English Indonesian Medical Translation, English Indonesian Business Translation, English Indonesian Finance Translation, English Indonesian Information and Technology Translation, English Indonesian IT Translation, English Indonesian Technical Translation, Penerjemah Inggris Indonesia, Website Localization, CAT Tools, SDL Trados Studio 2017, MemoQ, Wordfast, XTM, Smartling, English to Sundanese, Native Indonesian, Native Sundanese, ... Indonesian
12 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Anik Aminuddin
  Top quality delivered on time
English, german, Indonesian, linguist, translator, computer, Safety, environment, general, conversation, greetings, letter, immigration, industrial engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, Management, Manufacturing, mathematics, statistics, engineering, Safety, technical, industrial, mechanical, training, Human Resources, marketing, manual, pharmacy ... Indonesian
United States
12 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Muhammad Afif Musthofa
  Flexible rate, reliable delivery
English, Indonesia, Translator, Indonesian Translator, Business, technology, finance, software, hardware, computer, medical, IT, Legal text, Education, penerjemah bahasa indonesia, penerjemah jawa, pendidikan, keuangan, TI, perangkat lunak, perangkat keras, medis, kesehatan, Medical Devices Translator, Medical Devices Translator, Top English to Indonesian Translator, certified translator, certified English to Indonesian translator, English to Indonesian certified translator, certified translator for English to Indonesian, penerjemah besertifikat, penerjemah bersertifikat, penerjemah berpengalaman ... Indonesian
4 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Safnil Safnil
  All in me meet your requirements!
Certified; certified translator German-Indonesian, English-Indonesian, Automotive, Survey, IT and Telecommunication, Home Appliances, Medical Equipment, Star Transit, SDL Trados Studio, SDLX, Dejavu, Idiom WordlServer, Across, Google Translation Toolkit ... Indonesian
2 points
English to Indonesian
Identity Verified   Rahmadianto
  Software UI and Doc Specialist
Indonesian translation service, bahasa indonesia translator, software manual translation, documentation translation, English to Indonesian translation, localization specialist, Indonesian translator, user interface translation, user interface localization, Indonesian lead, translation lead ... Indonesian
4 points
English to Indonesian
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