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Business issues Sending unsolicited improvements to published texts as a marketing strategy You can never tell until you try. The thing is that we know almost nothing about
your specializations, whom you want to contact,
etc. Too many factors to consider in order to tell
if is going to be OK. Just compile a th
Vadim Kadyrov Sep 2
Money matters Agency delaying payments severely due to coronavirus What goes around comes around, they say Sometimes people have to check their own standards
of integrity - just to make sure this is not the
reason why certain things happen in their
lives. Nothing personal, just a remark. You
Vadim Kadyrov May 17
Russian Приемлемое время ответа на предложение от клиента Пару мыслей Вы думаете, что этот
заказчик не будет
применять такие же
принципы и во время вашего
с ним
Vadim Kadyrov Jan 11
Russian Оптимизация трудозатрат переводчика-фрилансера Мария, есть такой психологический момент: когда вам кажется, что вами
пользуются, это значит
только одно: вами
пользуются уже давно и
Vadim Kadyrov Dec 24, 2019
Money matters Best rates I will now tell you why. The thing is that at proz, each and every job post
attracts 30-40 translators (in my language pair it
is 50 or even 60). When you have a list of
people willing to work for someone that l
Vadim Kadyrov Nov 19, 2019
Translation in Ukraine / Переклад в Україні Проект нового закону про РРО ("касові апарати" для всіх ФОПів) ФОПам РЅРµ потрібні касові апарати для банківських оперР
eKuRHjbw7_lUNidz28g Отже,
податкова поставила
Vadim Kadyrov Nov 11, 2019
Business issues Where is our business going to? For the last 10 years or so I have been reading similar posts like this one.
As they say, there are clients who pay
peanuts, and there are clients who pay generously,
abundantly, prosperously, and it is solely yo
Vadim Kadyrov Nov 10, 2019
Money matters CAT tool match discount rates It is just a smart way to pay you less. Decide right from the start that you don't apply
any discounts like that. It is a one-way ticket.
Time will come when someone asks you for a free

[Edited at 2019-11-03
Vadim Kadyrov Nov 3, 2019
Translation in Ukraine / Переклад в Україні Проект нового закону про РРО ("касові апарати" для всіх ФОПів) Треба почекати роз'яснень [quote]mk_lab wrote: Сподiваюся усе
ж таки, що "безнальщикам"
РРО заводити не
доведеться. [/quote] Я теж,
бо цей
Vadim Kadyrov Nov 3, 2019
Translation in Ukraine / Переклад в Україні Проект нового закону про РРО ("касові апарати" для всіх ФОПів) "Недолго музыка играла..." К сожалению, глава комитета
Рады по налогообложению
тов. Гетманцев заявил, что
даже при расчете в
Vadim Kadyrov Oct 31, 2019
Business issues A publishing company is requesting a quote for my translation rights of a book I translated long ago I don`t know anything about legislation in Chile or Spain, but I believe that a flat amount would be the
greatest option here. They just send you, say,
1,000 USD for a total and irrevocable transfer of
any rights on your translation to them. Y
Vadim Kadyrov Oct 23, 2019
MemoQ support What is the best way to translate a PDF document? The best way is to never touch a PDF file for translation,
since this format was never intended to be
edited/translated/manipulated in any way. The
format was invented to provide documents,
Vadim Kadyrov Oct 19, 2019
Translator resources Translation software on a budget? CafeTran [quote]Neil Kendall wrote: What are some good
computer assisted translation tools (for Windows
PC) for those new to translation and don't want to
spend a lot of money to start with?
Vadim Kadyrov Sep 23, 2019
Russian Мошенник, якобы от Техинпут Классика жанра Это один и тот же человек.
Прошлой осенью этот
мошенник мелькал с
веб-сайтом (вместо Адре
Vadim Kadyrov Sep 14, 2019
Translation in Ukraine / Переклад в Україні Проект нового закону про РРО ("касові апарати" для всіх ФОПів)
Я трохи розібрався у
деталях. Отже, станом на
зараз, якщо у вас ліміт
Vadim Kadyrov Sep 12, 2019
Russian Погиб Валерий Томаренко Имел честь работать с этим
переводчиком несколько
лет. Он был для меня одним
из первых серьезных
Vadim Kadyrov Sep 9, 2019
Russian Воистину обезоруживающая непосредственность А в чем вопрос? Не совсем понял тему поста.
Vadim Kadyrov Jun 25, 2019
Translation in Ukraine / Переклад в Україні Обов’язковий продаж валютних надходжень скасовано Це дуже круто! Крім того, ввели
обов'язковий IBAN. Мені мій
банк надіслав відповідне
Vadim Kadyrov Jun 19, 2019
Ukrainian Рада США з географічних назв схвалила заміну назви столиці України з Kiev на Kyiv Ирония ваша понятна, конечно. Но. [quote]The Misha wrote: Or Kyiv, for that
matter. The truth of the matter is that if
tomorrow the rest of the world disappeared, they
wouldn't notice or care much either. But I am
Vadim Kadyrov Jun 17, 2019
Getting established What stops translators from thriving? What is "thriving"? We have to define the verb "to thrive" first. Vadim Kadyrov May 31, 2019
Ukrainian Отримання замовлення Так це існувало з часів появи прозу Це зумовлене самою
природою прозу. В
середньому на оголошення
тут відповідає від 50 до 60
людей. Звісно
Vadim Kadyrov Apr 1, 2019
Money matters How to deal with outsorcers that always pay late Drop them. Period. I used the same tactics when I was a high-school
student. You attend several lessons of, say,
physics in a row, and then you miss two of them,
and then you again attend 3-4 classes in a ro
Vadim Kadyrov Mar 22, 2019
Money matters Ingenious ways of getting paid Just some of my thoughts
rs-when-clients-vanish-into-thin-air/ And, yes,
I once contacted the spouse of my client to get my
Vadim Kadyrov Feb 21, 2019
Scams Scam from some Alexei Gromov I have just received an offer form a scammer: . The IP is from
China - . The
profile at states that this person is
Vadim Kadyrov Feb 13, 2019
Translation in Ukraine / Переклад в Україні Зниження відсотку обов'язкового продажу валюти до 30% з 1 березня 2019 року
Vadim Kadyrov Feb 6, 2019
Russian Как связаться с Игорем Миголатьевым? Немножко больше инфы Vadim Kadyrov Feb 1, 2019
Wordfast support Translating with too many tags Usually you have too many tags when you have an OCRed pdf I assume that your source document was once a
.pdf, and then it was OCRed by someone who sent
you the .docx for translation. Sometimes, when you
OCR something, you end up having too many t
Vadim Kadyrov Jan 25, 2019
Business issues After issuing a quote to a client, how long do you wait before accepting another job? 'first come first served' This has been my procedure for the last 10+ years.
I will wait 3-4 hours for a client to confirm her
job, but if someone approaches me withing these
3-4 hours, I will usually accept the ne
Vadim Kadyrov Jan 24, 2019
Getting established Certified translator In some countries (former USSR states, e.g.), you have to have a degree in translation. You then go to a notary who verifies your
identity. So, you can have zero experience, but
if you hold a degree in translation in THIS
language pair, you can technically be a 'certified<
Vadim Kadyrov Jan 21, 2019
Money matters Happy New Year from Proz. Non-paying members become paying non-members. Enter the 'Quote Fee'. PROZ is primarily for those who enter the market This is the only audience which can be talked into
paying fees like that - i.e. having a thought that
'if I just win this client this time at any cost,
I can have her loyalty forever'. Whe
Vadim Kadyrov Jan 4, 2019
Money matters PayPal problem: "payment sent - not completed" ОТПРАВЛЕНО- НЕ ЗАВЕРШЕНО Some sort of 'restrictive measures'? Just guessing. Vadim Kadyrov Dec 26, 2018
Money matters Is the only way now to take legal action regarding a non-paying translation agency in India? As far as I can now assume, your only way-out is to demand at least 50% of the
amount, otherwise you go to court in india.
This is the thing I would suggest, based on
the fact that this is an Indian client talkin
Vadim Kadyrov Dec 14, 2018 profile help Anyone else experiencing this? Why? [quote]Mirko Mainardi wrote: I wouldn't be
particularly happy [/quote] Well, why, if I
may? Your page is being registered by different
search engines with the help of such crawl
Vadim Kadyrov Dec 10, 2018 profile help Anyone else experiencing this? This is how search engines work They have 'spiders' who follow different links out
there, and the only way to make them stop seeing
your profile is to have access to server(s) of, telling them to make your page<
Vadim Kadyrov Dec 10, 2018 profile help Anyone else experiencing this? Well, what's the problem? You have some visitors (probably some sort of
robots, or something). And you are not able to
ban certain visitors from visiting your profile,
since you don't have access to .htaccess f
Vadim Kadyrov Dec 9, 2018
Localization Website wordcount The most favorable scenario is when you ask your client to pay you after the job is done.
In this way, you can count the target text words
and tell the client the price. But this is an
ideal case. Or, your client can gra
Vadim Kadyrov Dec 4, 2018
Money matters Late payments I do this on the very next day after the payment deadline
indicated in an invoice. People had 15/30/etc.
days to make the payment, why wait more?
Vadim Kadyrov Nov 29, 2018
Money matters What is the average price per word for translating Law documents from Portuguese to English? Community rates - use the
tool to see the rates.
Vadim Kadyrov Nov 14, 2018
Russian Отсторожно, скам! В целом, я понимаю вашу мысль, но: [quote]DZiW wrote: Честно говоря,
удивляет крайняя
беспечность или
Vadim Kadyrov Nov 13, 2018
Russian Отсторожно, скам! Я вступил в переписку с этим персонажем. Скажу я вам, что узнал о
себе много нового.
Vadim Kadyrov Nov 12, 2018
Russian Отсторожно, скам! Это - бесценный урок. [quote]Nikolai Muraviev wrote: (Я,
похоже, вляпался :( )
[/quote] Бывает. Главное -
усвоить урок. Хотел
написать об эт
Vadim Kadyrov Nov 12, 2018
Russian Отсторожно, скам! Осторожно! Известный здесь
мошенник опять занялся
рассылкой писем от якобы
известной переводческой
Vadim Kadyrov Nov 12, 2018
Russian Минтруд РФ: тестовое задание — это трудовые отношения Очень
интересная статья. К ИП
отношения имеет мало, но
тем не менее.
Vadim Kadyrov Oct 30, 2018
Getting established How much did it cost you to get a bilingual website designed? These are quite big sums of money First of all, you don't need a company to do this,
because, all in all, your website won't be
something like Amazon or You can hire
a freelancer at Upwork, for example. What y
Vadim Kadyrov Oct 28, 2018
Getting established When is it okay to pretend you've got a PhD? It is up to you to decide exact words you use when describing you
career path. Take Ronaldo, for example. He is
either just a good football player (like hundreds
of others) who changed several clubs be
Vadim Kadyrov Oct 11, 2018
Business issues Anyone has been at "Upwork"? Rates there are ridiculously low even for Don`t waste you time. Upwork isn`t worth it, at
least for translators.
Vadim Kadyrov Oct 9, 2018
Russian Private Job Posting При размещении заказов лицо, его размещающее,
может сделать его
доступным только для
платных членов. Более того,
сам веб-сай
Vadim Kadyrov Oct 9, 2018
Money matters Payment problem. Should agency pays me regardless of any situation after they requested my invoice? 30 days. Period. [quote]Yi Wei Cheah wrote: I am in the right to
expect payments after 30 days of invoicing
regardless of the situation, am I right?
[/quote] Absolutely. One important note: it
Vadim Kadyrov Sep 26, 2018
Russian Есть ли у кого-нибудь опыт работы с ПРОМТ Trados и Google Translate работают вместе очень хорошо [quote]Yury Grinev wrote: Много лет
пользовался ТРАДОСом, но в
нем нет машинного перевода.
[/quote] Как это нет, Юри
Vadim Kadyrov Sep 24, 2018
Russian Только что мне написал некий Валерий Афанасьев. А вам он писал? А что хозяева проза могут сделать? [quote]Valery Afanasiev
wrote: Уважаемые коллеги, Я
очень редко бываю на
ресурсе ProZ, в данном случае
на эту ветк
Vadim Kadyrov Sep 19, 2018

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