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United Kingdom
1:00pm Jul 6, 2019
Picnic in the park

We will be meeting by the Summerhouse Café in Bute Park.

Bring a blanket, some nibbles and some beverages.

To help coordinate food and drink, please let us know what you intend you bring.

Please think of the environment when choosing what to bring :)

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Interested members (11) / Confirmed: 4 / Tentative: 1
Name NoteWill Attend
Lloyd Bingham  \"Organizer\" \"Reporter\" ...  
Victoria Porter-Burns   I'll bring vegan sausage rolls and some hummus and crudités or something, maybe some falafel...  y
Alexandra Chapman   ...  y
Jason Shilcock   ...  y
Victoria Clark   ...  n
Ian Mansbridge   Turns out I've got an antenatal class that day :( Enjoy!  n
Laura Jones   ...  
Simon Jones   ...  
Trinidad Clares Flores   I will bring a Spanish omelette and chicken fajitas  y
Alison Waddington   I might be interested .. not sure whether I can come to Cardiff on this date yet, but I'll see what I can do. If able to attend, I could probably bring some vegetarian food..  
Jessica Tsala   ...  m

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