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Source text segment #6

- "The future ain't what it used to be."
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Incongruity created by referring to the future using a past tense/construction. There's also some ambiguity by what is meant as "the future", is it "the way we think about the future. The perception of the future is not as it once was.
+9 | -2
Something like "Ah, the good new days!"
A friend put it in another way, while reading the obituary in the newspaper: "The people who are dying now never died before." In other words, "change is inevitable".
+5 | -1
As you get older, your expectations and capabilities diminish. When you thought about the future in the past, it looked great!
He is referring to the future as 'the good ol' days'.
+2 | -1
Past used to be a future too, for the time before THAT past.
Isang simpleng pagpapahayag na di nagkakatugma ang mga inaasahang mangyayarai sa hinaharap mula sa aktwal na nangyayari.
+2 | -2
We have an expectation of what the future will be like, but if something happens that we did not foresee, the future that we expected is no longer the future that will actually occur.
+5 | -5
To me it means that the future, as it becomes the present, is not turning out like we expected...(probably worse )
+1 | -6
future, being future, can't be as it was used to be.
No one knows what's going to happen.

Translations of this segment (3 total; 3 unique)

Nākotne vairs nav tā, kas agrāk
Nākotne vairs nav tāda, kāda tā bija agrāk
Nākotne nav tāda, kāda tā reiz bija

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