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Source text segment #10

- "A nickel ain't worth a dime anymore."
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"{blank} ain't worth a dime" is a set expression. This quote is funny because Yogi inserted "nickel".
+14 | -3
Actually, it is the other way around: a nickel is worth 5 US cents and the dime is worth 10 US cents.
+14 | -4
Money has lost its value.
It's funny because a nickel has never been worth a dime!
+6 | -2
It's not only "ain't worth a dime" that is a set expression here. We should not forget about the other set expression as well - nickel-and-dime (adj.), which means unimportant or involving little money. So the effect of pun is achieved here by means of th
Berra's thoughts on inflation.
+1 | -2
Here I expected some Spanish native to write: "Una rubia ya no vale un duro." "rubia" -"blond"- was the 1 peseta coin, which was golden (blond) due to a copper-nickel alloy, and "duro" was a 5 pesetas coin. A pitty nobody though of it.
Nowadays a dime (10¢) is not enough to buy what used to cost a nickel (5¢ = half)) in the past. Just check the web... in 1926 a new, no-frills, T-model Ford cost only $260.
(I don't know about the value of nickel nor dime, but I suppose this is what it means).
Something can once be very useful. But once the time has passed, it is no longer as worthy.
One has to know that a nickel is 10 US cents and a dime is 5...

Translations of this segment (3 total; 3 unique)

5센트는 절대 10센트의 가치는 없는 거야
요즘 동전들은 아무런 가치가 없다
5센트짜리 동전은 결코 10센트 동전만큼의 가치가 없습니다

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