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- "It ain't over till it's over."
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A common modern saying with many versions, and this one has been attributed to various people. Simply means that you can't be absolutely sure of any outcome until the very end, e.g. in sport, the winner may fail a dope test
I agree with the previous comment and would add that it is precisely because you can't be sure of the outcome until the very end that all hope is not lost.
Wait and see.........Don't count your chickens before they're due time.........we're not finished yet.......
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Maybe his most serious phrase. Very common nowadays in all sports.
The normal expression is "it aint over until X happens".
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This expression means that one should not admit defeat until the very end. Or, it means that one should not slow down when you realise that you will be defeated, but rather you should continue as if you believed that you will win, until the very end when

Till all is done, we don't know for sure what the outcome would be like.

Till all is done, we don't know for sure what the outcome would be like.
Baseball is very unpredictable, a good strike at the end of the last inning can change everything.
It's ain't over till it's over. Meaning do not give up. Еще не все потеряно

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모든 것이 끝이 나기 전에 끝장난 것은 아무 것도 없다
완전히 끝날 때까지는 끝난 게 아니다
완전히 끝날 때까지는 끝나지 않은 거야

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