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Source text segment #13

- Mrs. Lindsay: "You certainly look cool." Yogi Berra: "Thanks, you don't look so hot yourself."
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+16 | -2
Maybe we could add another play on words with "hot" meaning "sexy"...
+14 | -1
Simple play on words
Cool = (literal) not hot = compliment
Don't look so hot = (figurative) look like crap = insult.
+14 | -2
Well, in this form it's a really nice play on words. "You don't look so hot" could so easily be a compliment (as Mrs. Lindsay's remark was), if it didn't mean that the person looked awful! I wonder if she took it as one at first?
+10 | -1
Based on an actual event. Mrs Lindsay (the mayor's wife) commented on Mr Berra's new uniform, and it was also a hot day. Different sources quote them differently, and not all sources contain the play on words.
+14 | -5
This form is definitely not about looking good or bad only. Here comes the word play of cool versus hot meaning temperature. Yogi Berra's comment, therefore, can have two meanings "you look bad" or "you look cool too."
+7 | -1
I think it's a play on words. "Cool" has taken on the meaning of "neat" or "good" from my days. "You look cool" would mean "you look good" (but also "cool" in the sense of not overheated). Whereas "not looking hot" definitely meant "looking poorly" (or, a
+7 | -4
hot=sexy here! 100%
Yinyang philosophy at play, where Yin is darkness and Yang is brightness, and we can shift the domain to temperature from a light metaphor. But of course, gender must be taken into consideration in the dialog.
+3 | -7
This is like when two old "friends" accidentally meet and falsely compliment each other while their real opinion is totally oposite. The woman is being false and Yogi is saying the truth.
+2 | -9
Clearly, Yogi took cool for "you seem unhurried, serene" as the double meaning from "fresh or cold" and made a pun with the double meaning of "hot" for sexy instead of "more than warm". He told me!

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린지 부인: “정말 멋있어 보이시네요.” 요기 베라: “고마워요. 부인도 꽤 멋있어 보이시는데요
린지 부인: "당신은 정말 멋있어 보여요." 요기 베라 : "고맙지만, 부인은 그다지 섹시해 보이지는 않네요
정말 시원스럽게 잘 입으셨네요"라고 린드세이 부인이 말했다. 그러자 요기 배라는 답변했다: "감사해요. 부인도 그리 답답해 보이지는 안구려

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