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Source text segment #5

- "I can't concentrate when I'm thinking."
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This doesn't make sense because the whole point of concentrating is to improve one's thinking - just the opposite of what this hillarious sentence is implying.
It's [definitely] humorous because [usually] when you concentrate, you ARE thinking... but concentrating on the ball at sports does not imply you are necessarily thinking. There is a common missing element to all the source quotes: CONTEXT. It is key to k
+8 | -3
It makes perfect sense to me: when one tries to focus (concentrate) on the game (run fast, throw or catch the ball, etc,), one has no time to stop & consider one's options & risks: you just play without thinking it over: you had prepared in advance!
This is a merger of two expressions that each mean the same thing but together the logically cancel each other out. They are "I can't think while doing X" and "I can't concentrate while [you're] doing X".
+4 | -1
Typical surrealistic impossibility
+5 | -2
It's [supposedly] humorous because when you concentrate, you ARE thinking.
This is about difference between concentrating and thinking.
Both thinking and concentrating occupy your mind in the same way, but paradoxically, they are not synonims. They are, actually, exclusive (can't be in your mind at the same time), but one needs the other in order to occur!! Nice complexity...
I can't concentrate when I am thinking. Meaning you think too much, losing your focus. Не могу сосредоточиться, слишком много мыслей в голове.
+4 | -8
I can't concentrate on another thing when I am thinking about something else.

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난 집중할 때 생각할 겨를이 없어
난 사색에 빠지면 집중력이 떨어진다
난 생각에 빠지면 도통 집중을 할 수 없어요

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