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Source text segment #9

- "Half the lies they tell about me aren't true."
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A logical paradox. It implies that the other half of the lies are true, in which case they cannot be lies. There is perhaps a hint of criticism of the mass media, implying that nothing they say is true, even the true bits.
+9 | -2
I think this is self-deprecating. Yogi is allowing that half of the "lies" about him (obviously, depicting him in a negative light), are in fact true.
The first comment hits the nail on the head.
It's just another Yogi pun found in his illogical chest of knowledge.
He probably meant that half of negative information about him is false, but what the audience might have understood is that the other half is true.
Lies might be all negative stories in the papers about him, where only some are true.
Half the lies they're telling about me ain't true. Another logistical paradox, there is no "half lies" like no "half-true." It's either lies or truth Showing disgust of person lied about. Половина из тех небылиц, что обо мн
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The normal expression is "half the stories they tell about me aren't true".

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나에 대한 소문의 절반은 진실이 아니다
나에 대한 거짓말의 반정도는 진실이아니다
사람들이 나에 대해 말한 거짓말은 절반도 사실이 아닙니다

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