Verbum Translators

Verbum Translators offers culturally & linguistically accurate translation, localization, interpreting, subtitling, voice-over, proofreading & editing services.
Mission Statement: Verbum Translators facilitates individuals and organisations to overcome the barriers imposed by language and culture.

Industries / markets / subject areas

Advertising (marketing), Religion, Social sciences, Sports, Tourism, Agriculture, Art/literary, Consumer products, Entertainment, Hospitality, Journalism, Training/Education.

Job / document types

Articles, Audio, Books, Brochures, Business cards, Educational records/documents, Film scripts, Flyers, Letters/Emails, Logo, Marketing, Marketing (advertisements), Voice over scripts, Web sites.

Services/Products Offered

Artwork/Illustrations, Copywriting, Document translation, Editing, Internationalization, Interpreting, Language training, Local guides, Localization, Project Management, Proofreading, Subtitling, Transcriptions, Voiceover/dubbing.

Languages offered/supported

Arabic, Welsh, German, English, French, Gaelic, Irish, Italian, Maltese, Polish. Is willing to work with other languages upon request.
Passionate about words!
10-24 languages supported
United Kingdom
Liam Quinn
+44 (0)28 417 98042

Quality process

Each job is translated by a translator with professional experience and knowledge in their subject field. Each job receives a second proofread by subject field specific professional.



Languages which this company does business in

English, Italian, French, Spanish


Religion, theology, faith, the Church, international politics, world affairs, immigration, social sciences, social work, ethics, morality, tourism, interpreter, fishing, fisheries, freelance, translator, Spanish, English, Italian, translations, tourism, guide books, travel, hotels, tourist, architecture, film, scripts, screenplays, TV, television, subtitles, drama, cinema, books, business, commerce, general, reports, resources, job, descriptions, articles, magazines, journals, websites, webpages, publications, conversation, letters, education, social, science, sociology, politics, political, traductor, traducciones, traducción, español, castellano, ingles, aid, civil society, cooperation, development, health, housing, inequality, infrastructure, international, journal, Latin America, NGO, UN, organization, planning, policy, political, poverty, social development, social theory, manuals, help files, proofreading, copy editing, IT, business, contracts, traductor, translator, summarisation, politics, politica, business, poesía, poetry, literatura, literature, español al inglés, portuguese, latinoamericano, supervision, editor, editing, rewriting, rewrites, critic, TV, television, theatre, theater, scripts, film, journalism, entertainment, media, psychology, general, current affairs, culture, literature, philosophy, tourism, culture, social, philosophy, EU, curriculum vitae, new age
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