Tuesday September 26th, 2017

background image for The Achilles’ heel of translators - Debunking myths

11:00 - 11:55 GMT FINISHED

"The Achilles’ heel of translators - Debunking myths"

In this presentation, I want to address some ideas that are firmly entrenched among translators and give my point of view – as a legal translator with 20 years’ experience – which may be slightly at odds with how most colleagues feel.

Myths that I want to debunk include:
  • Translating to your mother tongue
  • Legal translation and CAT tools are incompatible
  • Client is King
  • Price per word vs. price per project
  • Fit for purpose: when is a translation good enough?
  • Client only wants to pay XX

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12:05 - 13:20 GMT FINISHED

"Panel Discussion - The Pros and Cons of working with Direct Clients & Agencies"

Many freelancers forge a successful career working exclusively with agencies, while others strive to add more direct clients to their portfolio. But what is the right approach? Is there even a right approach? In this panel discussion, Paul and his panelists explore the advantages and disadvantages of both strategies, with the aim of helping freelancers to develop a successful plan for their particular circumstances.

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13:30 - 14:15 GMT FINISHED

"ProZ.com Plus membership overview"

Kevin Dias, ProZ.com developer showcases the many features & benefits included in ProZ.com Plus membership.

background image for The art of the business lunch: How to handle yourself and grow your T&I business

14:20 - 15:15 GMT FINISHED

"The art of the business lunch: How to handle yourself and grow your T&I business"

One of the best ways to grow your T&I business is to build relationships in person with decision makers and influencers. One of the first steps of any business relationship is one-on-one time, and there’s no better way to do this than via a business lunch. Yet many linguists don’t know where to start, where to go, what to say. Don’t worry: all of us have shared meals with friends and family, and doing a business lunch is quite similar –but there are some important differences.

The presenter, who truly loves business lunches (and dinners!) will present a set of easy recommendations to get the most out of your first (or hundredth!) business lunch.

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15:20 - 16:20 GMT FINISHED

"Translation made easy with Wordfast Pro 5"

background image for How to Create Multiple Streams of Income as a Linguist

16:30 - 17:15 GMT FINISHED

"How to Create Multiple Streams of Income as a Linguist"

background image for CafeTran Espresso 2017 Yeddi - the power of flexible translation software

17:20 - 17:50 GMT FINISHED

"CafeTran Espresso 2017 Yeddi - the power of flexible translation software"

The presentation will give the overview of some finest features available in the latest update of CafeTran Espresso. It will focus on the intuitiveness and flexibility of the user interface and the nondisruptive integration with Machine Translation and Internet services such as ProZ.com, Google Translate, DeepL etc. It will also walk you through the basic translation and clipboard workflows.

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17:55 - 18:15 GMT FINISHED

"ProZ.com Native Language Verification"

Wednesday September 27th, 2017

background image for The Freelancer Translator's Forum: An Interactive Q&A Session

10:00 - 11:00 GMT FINISHED

"The Freelancer Translator's Forum: An Interactive Q&A Session"

Questions, questions, questions! This session takes advantage of the new technology being employed by Proz to bring you a dynamic and interactive space where your questions are answered. Questions will be decided by a polling system and then answered in real time – your participation will drive the direction of this presentation.

background image for What's new in SDL Trados Studio Service Release 1

11:10 - 12:15 GMT FINISHED

"What's new in SDL Trados Studio Service Release 1"

Presented by Daniel Brockmann, Director Product Management at SDL, this 60 minute video covers the full list of innovations and improvements to SDL Trados Studio, which have arrived with the release of Service Release 1.

Features covered will include 'LookAhead', which scans ahead of your translation so that each time you complete a segment, the next one is analyzed and pre-translated instantly; and the free beta version of our cloud terminology service, allowing you to easily share and collaborate on termbases with other Studio users; and the introduction of upLIFT technology for Japanese and Chinese language pairs.

background image for Transcreation - Creative Copy Breakdown, Creative Review and QC

12:20 - 13:05 GMT FINISHED

"Transcreation - Creative Copy Breakdown, Creative Review and QC"

Produce copy adaptations that keep clients coming back for more - every single time. You will acquire simple, replicable skills that will equip you to analyse creative copy accurately and precisely, 'spot' potential pitfalls from a mile, and gain the ability to break down any piece of creative copy took its bare bones.

Experienced translators wanting to launch into transcreation. Copywriters who want to hone their transcreation skills. Freelance linguists or content writers struggling with creative copy. Project managers who want to master the transcreation process and be in control of what they deliver/improve their performance.
  • Some knowledge of language adaptation
  • An interest in advertising and marketing communications
  • Knowledge of at least 2 different languages
  • deally, at least 2 years of experience as a translator or a Masters in Translation/Diptrans qualification
  • Be working as a Translation or Transcreation Project Manager

background image for Translation at your fingertips – an introduction to memoQ

13:10 - 14:10 GMT FINISHED

"Translation at your fingertips – an introduction to memoQ"

During this presentation you will learn how to make the most out of the most dynamic translation environment: you will be able to create projects, translate PDF and other file formats, manage your translation memories and term bases, understand the translation results offered by memoQ and work with documents received from another translation tool.

Join us for this session, see how to get started with memoQ, raise your questions, and learn more about the most recent developments in the live Q&A session.

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14:20 - 15:35 GMT FINISHED

"Panel discussion - What's My Unique Selling Point"

See our panelists offline at:

background image for Specialising for Success!

15:40 - 16:40 GMT FINISHED

"Specialising for Success!"

In this session we will:
  • Define specialisation
  • Discuss why it is better to be a specialist rather than a generalist
  • Advise re how many specialisms are too many
  • Advise re the most marketable specialisms, how and where to find them (past career, leisure interest etc).

‎The session would be appropriate for new starters in the industry as well as experienced colleagues looking to expand existing businesses.

background image for Is Twitter Stupid?

16:50 - 17:50 GMT FINISHED

"Is Twitter Stupid?"

Do you either hate Twitter, don't understand it or think it's a waste of time? Are you still puzzled when someone uses the term "hashtag"? Love it or hate it: Twitter is here to stay and there's no doubt that this platform has a major impact on business. Allow the presenter, who has more than 11,000 followers on this divisive social media platform, to explain to you, in clear language, what Twitter is, how it should be used and what you can expect from using it, from increasing your public profile to interacting with others in the profession. No technical experience is necessary, and attendees do not need to have a Twitter account to benefit from this presentation. The speaker will also cover the importance of safeguarding your online reputation, how to use lists and hashtags, address ethics and trolling, and will gladly decipher Twitter lingo for you

background image for What would I do differently if starting over

17:55 - 18:55 GMT FINISHED

"What would I do differently if starting over"

background image for Tips and Tricks for Remote Interpreters

19:00 - 19:55 GMT FINISHED

"Tips and Tricks for Remote Interpreters"

Tips & Tricks for Remote Interpreters - A presentation by Claudia Brauer for ProZ.com 2017 International Translation and Interpreting Day

All remote interpreters have one thing in common: they are not physically present at the location where the dual language exchange is taking place. Many interpreters are struggling to catch up to the evolution of technologies that have opened these new communication experiences. In the past, we focused mostly on the linguistic issues associated with interpreting. Now that we are working remotely, we need to bring to the forefront our humanity as part of our new soft skills. We will therefore review the following 10 novel tips and tricks to help you expand your skills set for remote encounters:
  1. Record yourself
  2. Train as a Transinterpreter
  3. Act the part
  4. Create mental pictures
  5. Use sensory substitution
  6. Use 1st person singular
  7. Act for the camera
  8. Be sure you are a good fit
  9. Become tech savvy
  10. Just do it!
Download Claudia's Tips & Tricks reference materials

Tuesday September 25th, 2018

background image for Consecutive interpreting for market research focus group sessions

10:00 - 11:00 GMT FINISHED

"Consecutive interpreting for market research focus group sessions"

This session is about consecutive interpreting during market research focus groups. This type of interpreting requires a very specific skillset and the presentation describes the typical session and how best prepare oneself for these sessions to ensure that they run smoothly. The presentation will include 2 or 3 case studies and discuss potential pitfalls and how to preempt them to ensure client satisfaction and a pleasant experience for all.

Wednesday September 26th, 2018

background image for Show Me Your Portfolio and I’ll Tell You Who You Are

10:00 - 10:55 GMT FINISHED

"Show Me Your Portfolio and I’ll Tell You Who You Are"

They just don’t value translator’s work”: is a common opinion amongst translators. We are used to clients’ misunderstanding, underestimation of our efforts, and inappropriate price evaluations. Is there a remedy against this? Is there anything we can do to avoid such situations? How can we protect ourselves and our work?

In this session, we are going to discuss a tool that is perfect for establishing a healthy and prolific client – translator relationship: your portfolio.

The session will focus on various types of portfolio a ‘static’ and a ‘dynamic’ one, as well as on ideas of what to include in your portfolio (translation samples, comments, explanations and technical remarks), and how and where to present it to your potential clients.