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English to Turkish translators and interpreters » General fields

English to Turkish Tech/Engineering oversettere (1341)
English to Turkish Art/Literary oversettere (18175)
English to Turkish Medical oversettere (693)
English to Turkish Law/Patents oversettere (731)
English to Turkish Science oversettere (13717)
English to Turkish Bus/Financial oversettere (15871)
English to Turkish Marketing oversettere (23380)
English to Turkish Other oversettere (3114)
English to Turkish Social Sciences oversettere (4605)

English to Turkish translators and interpreters » Specific fields

English to Turkish translators: Accounting
English to Turkish translators: Advertising / Public Relations (3157)
English to Turkish translators: Aerospace / Aviation / Space (651)
English to Turkish translators: Agriculture (1207)
English to Turkish translators: Livestock / Animal Husbandry (493)
English to Turkish translators: Anthropology (650)
English to Turkish translators: Archaeology (667)
English to Turkish translators: Architecture (1099)
English to Turkish translators: Art, Arts & Crafts, Painting (1874)
English to Turkish translators: Astronomy & Space (790)
English to Turkish translators: Finance (general) (2343)
English to Turkish translators: Automation & Robotics (825)
English to Turkish translators: Automotive / Cars & Trucks (1798)
English to Turkish translators: Biology (-tech,-chem,micro-) (954)
English to Turkish translators: Botany
English to Turkish translators: Construction / Civil Engineering (1463)
English to Turkish translators: Business/Commerce (general) (2773)
English to Turkish translators: Materials (Plastics, Ceramics, etc.) (880)
English to Turkish translators: Certificates, Diplomas, Licenses, CVs (1615)
English to Turkish translators: Chemistry; Chem Sci/Eng (1039)
English to Turkish translators: Poetry & Literature (2652)
English to Turkish translators: Cinema, Film, TV, Drama (3403)
English to Turkish translators: Textiles / Clothing / Fashion (1928)
English to Turkish translators: Telecom(munications)
English to Turkish translators: Computers (general) (2571)
English to Turkish translators: Computers: Hardware (1601)
English to Turkish translators: Computers: Software (2304)
English to Turkish translators: Computers: Systems, Networks
English to Turkish translators: Law: Contract(s) (1898)
English to Turkish translators: Cooking / Culinary (1679)
English to Turkish translators: Cosmetics, Beauty (1404)
English to Turkish translators: Medical: Dentistry (538)
English to Turkish translators: Media / Multimedia (2715)
English to Turkish translators: Economics (1942)
English to Turkish translators: Education / Pedagogy (2614)
English to Turkish translators: Electronics / Elect Eng (1371)
English to Turkish translators: Energy / Power Generation (1240)
English to Turkish translators: Engineering (general) (1845)
English to Turkish translators: Engineering: Industrial (922)
English to Turkish translators: Mechanics / Mech Engineering (1246)
English to Turkish translators: Nuclear Eng/Sci
English to Turkish translators: Environment & Ecology (1429)
English to Turkish translators: Esoteric practices
English to Turkish translators: Fisheries (131)
English to Turkish translators: Folklore (642)
English to Turkish translators: Food & Drink (1625)
English to Turkish translators: Forestry / Wood / Timber
English to Turkish translators: Furniture / Household Appliances (540)
English to Turkish translators: Games / Video Games / Gaming / Casino (2036)
English to Turkish translators: Mining & Minerals / Gems (336)
English to Turkish translators: Genealogy (92)
English to Turkish translators: General / Conversation / Greetings / Letters (2105)
English to Turkish translators: Genetics (397)
English to Turkish translators: Geography (630)
English to Turkish translators: Geology (415)
English to Turkish translators: Government / Politics (2046)
English to Turkish translators: Photography/Imaging (& Graphic Arts) (1052)
English to Turkish translators: Medical: Health Care (1516)
English to Turkish translators: History (1987)
English to Turkish translators: Tourism & Travel
English to Turkish translators: Human Resources (1821)
English to Turkish translators: Idioms / Maxims / Sayings (767)
English to Turkish translators: Insurance
English to Turkish translators: International Org/Dev/Coop
English to Turkish translators: Internet, e-Commerce (2462)
English to Turkish translators: Investment / Securities
English to Turkish translators: Metallurgy / Casting (385)
English to Turkish translators: IT (Information Technology) (1959)
English to Turkish translators: Journalism (1402)
English to Turkish translators: Real Estate (726)
English to Turkish translators: Law (general) (1994)
English to Turkish translators: Law: Patents, Trademarks, Copyright (991)
English to Turkish translators: Law: Taxation & Customs (817)
English to Turkish translators: Linguistics (2050)
English to Turkish translators: Transport / Transportation / Shipping (1736)
English to Turkish translators: Management (1837)
English to Turkish translators: Manufacturing (1032)
English to Turkish translators: Ships, Sailing, Maritime
English to Turkish translators: Marketing / Market Research (2297)
English to Turkish translators: Mathematics & Statistics (720)
English to Turkish translators: Medical (general)
English to Turkish translators: Medical: Cardiology (706)
English to Turkish translators: Medical: Instruments (816)
English to Turkish translators: Medical: Pharmaceuticals (1129)
English to Turkish translators: Meteorology
English to Turkish translators: Metrology
English to Turkish translators: Military / Defense (881)
English to Turkish translators: Music (1695)
English to Turkish translators: Names (personal, company) (751)
English to Turkish translators: Nutrition
English to Turkish translators: Petroleum Eng/Sci (552)
English to Turkish translators: Other (549)
English to Turkish translators: Paper / Paper Manufacturing (248)
English to Turkish translators: Patents (553)
English to Turkish translators: Philosophy (982)
English to Turkish translators: Physics (506)
English to Turkish translators: Printing & Publishing (1058)
English to Turkish translators: Psychology
English to Turkish translators: Religion
English to Turkish translators: Retail (738)
English to Turkish translators: Safety (519)
English to Turkish translators: SAP (264)
English to Turkish translators: Science (general) (1606)
English to Turkish translators: Slang
English to Turkish translators: Social Science, Sociology, Ethics, etc. (2031)
English to Turkish translators: Sports / Fitness / Recreation (1022)
English to Turkish translators: Surveying (739)
English to Turkish translators: Wine / Oenology / Viticulture (257)
English to Turkish translators: Zoology (378)

English to Turkish translators and interpreters

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Identity Verified   Recep Kurt
  Worry-free Turkish translations and L10N
native Turkish translator, freelance Turkish translator, professional Turkish translator, Turkish linguist, notary certified Turkish translator, russian Turkish translator, russian Turkish translations, Turkish localization, website localization, web site localisation, перевод на турецкий, турeцкий переводчик, локализация, Turkish subtitling, Turkish subtitles, Turkish proofreading, Turkish checking, Turkish editing, Turkish SEO, Turkish search engine optimization, Turkish copywriter, Turkish content writing, Turkish legal translations, medical tanslations Turkish, English Turkish translator, English Turkish translation, English Turkish translations, Turkish editor, Turkish linguist, Turkish proofreader, Turkish editing, Turkish proofreading, Turkish localizer, game localization Turkish, Turkish game localization, online game localization Turkish, Turkish video game localization, video game localization Turkish, Turkish computer game localization, computer game localization Turkish, t ... Turkish
2182 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Raffi Jamgocyan
  Microsoft Certified Tech. Specialist
Accounting, acrobat, adobe, advertising, agreement, Architecture, art, bond, business, cafetran, collateral, communication, company, computer, contract, corporation, correspondence, document, economy, editing, education, energy, English, environment, establishment, excel, finance, financial, firm, Folklore, Geography, hardware, health, History, HR, human, IT, immovable, industry, institution, Insurance, international, internet, investment, law, literature, localization, Management, manager, manufacture, Manufacturing, market, marketing, media, medical, microsoft, mortgage, movable, national, network, organization, passport, patent, pharmaceutical, powerpoint, private, proofreading, public, relations, publish, publishing, Real Estate, record, registration, research, resource, Retail, security, social, software, survey, system, telecommunication, tourism, trade, training, translation, Turkish, website, word, crypto, cryptocurrency, exchange, finance, cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, ethereum, ... Turkish
1940 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Selçuk Dilşen
  Professional Attitude & Amateur Spirit
technical translation, engineering translation, translator engineer, engineer translator, Safety translation, health & Safety translation, machinery translation, software translation, software localisation, ui translation, ux translation, website translation, user manual translation, app translation, app localisation, post-editing, terminology, translation project Management, translation review, translation editing, cat tool, computer assisted translation, computer aided translation ... Turkish
United Kingdom
1366 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Ali Bayraktar
  Language shapes everything!
Construction, Architecture, Turkish, Russian, Mechanics, English, Translator, Tercüme, Tercüman, Переводчик, Лингвист, Турецкий, Англииский, Турция, Переводы, Contracts, Business, Translate, Çevirmen, Çeviri, Rusça, İngilizce, İnşaat, Proje, Mekanik, Web Site, Türkçe ... Turkish
1223 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Gulay Baran
  Tech/Engineering, IT, Gaming, Marketing
translation, tercüme, website, tercüman, çeviri, çevirmen, Economics, finance, financial, securities, Turkish software localizer, investment, Accounting, business Management, marketing, market research, e-commerce, press releases, Turkish internationalized, civil, robotics, software, computers, letters, Turkish project manager, hardware, banking, engineering, mathematics, mechanics, statistics, English, law, contracts, user guide, Patents, trademarks, copyrights, medical equipments, taxation, cars, trucks, customs, internationalisation, automotive, ships, article, shipping, letter of recommendation, sailing, maritime, transport, transportation, Botany, Turkey, Zoology, construction, plastics, ceramics, materials, printing&publishing, photography, graphic arts, paper Manufacturing, Music, web site çevirisi, internet, Manufacturing, Turkish website, website translation, History, politics, cinema, film, portable devices, TV, software localization, environment, ecology, tourism, technical ... Turkish
1035 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Zeki Güler
Turkish translator, quality Turkish translator, qualified Turkish translator, quality English to Turkish translator, English to Turkish certified translator, qualified English to Turkish translator, English to Turkish translation, English to Turkish quality translator, English to Turkish translator, English to Turkish freelance translator, website localization into Turkish, website localization Turkish, software localization into Turkish, MITI Turkish translator, ITI Qualified Turkish translator, CIOL Turkish translator, ITI Turkish translator, ATA Turkish translator, Website Localization Turkish, Software Localization Turkish, localization Turkish, English into Turkish Software Localisation, government, international organizations, politics, news, Journalism, web, e-commerce, reports, surveys, www.TurkishTranslator.com, English into Turkish Legal translator, English into Turkish Business translator, English into Turkish IT translator, English into Turkish Marketing translator, English ... Turkish
1021 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Selcuk Akyuz
  English to Turkish translator
fashion, textile, beauty products, cosmetics, make-up, marketing, market research, advertising, public relations, manuals, environment ... Turkish
979 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   H&G Ozcan
  Tech/Engr. Translations, Electrical Eng.
across, acoustics, agricultural equipment, appliances, apps, audio, audio equipment, automation, automotive, autopilot, blow molding, brochures, cable, cables, cabling, cars, catalogues, clean energy, communications, computers, connectors, construction, construction equipment, datasheets, defense, defense technology, DJ equipment, DJ controller, DJ mixer, DJ software, document, documentation, elearning, e-learning, electric, electrical devices, electrical equipment, electronic, electronic devices, electronics, English, English to Turkish, English to Turkish translator, English to Turkish translation, English to Turkish freelance translator, English to Turkish technical translation, English to Turkish technical translator, excel, fishfinder, forestry, fuel cell, fuel cells, gamepads, gaming accessories, green energy, headsets, headphones, healthcare, health care, heavy equipment, household products, HTML, industrial devices, industrial equipment, industry, information technology, inject ... Turkish
964 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Özden Arıkan
  I talk Turkey... and so will you!
advertisement art literature copywriting EU european union fiction History home manual catalog guide human rights humanities localization localisation marketing medicine Turkish medical translation mythology news politics Psychology QA quality assurance Religion self-help Slang slogan adaptation social History social Psychology social services social work sociology software telecommunication theory tourism travel website English to Turkish translator English-Turkish translator Turkish marketing translator Turkish software localizer Turkish software localiser Turkish software translator Turkish literary translator Turkish-speaking market european Turkish market Turkish copywriter brandname assessment brandname evaluation cultural assessment cultural evaluation ethnomarketing ethno-marketing games video games subtitling SEO search engine optimization search engine optimisation ... Turkish
954 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Emin Arı
  My fingers do translate...
software localization, web site localization, manual translation, Mechanical Engineering, Automotive, computer, IT, hardware, localization, proof reading, manual translation, contract, contracts, Engineer, writer, author, agreement, agreements, user agreement, localization, maintanence manual, repair manual ... Turkish
911 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Yasemin Açıkgün
  Specializes in Technical Translations
Turkish Freelance Translator, Turkish Translator, Native Turkish Translator, Technical Translator, Automotive Translator, Medical Translator, Translator, Turkish Translation, User's Manual, User Guide, traduction, Turkish translation, technical, medical, experienced, automotive, computers, hardware, software, website translation, website localization, tourism, IT, Telecom(munications), agency, freelancer, translator, English, French, Traduction Turque, Turkish translation, informatique, sustainability, sustainable development, Chanel, Burberry, Sony, Scania, Citroen, Renault, Volvo, marine diesel engines, Lancome, Clinique, Sephora, English Turkish Translator, Traducteur, français, turc, traduction, relecture, traduction technique, traducteur technique ... Turkish
842 points
English to Turkish
  Nurettin Ceylan
  Technical Translator & Engineer
technical translator, proofreader, Turkish translator, automotive, mechanical engineering, Turkish, localization, power systems, electronics, computer hardware, engineering, Manufacturing, medical instruments, metallurgy, English to Turkish, domestic appliances ... Turkish
790 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Aziz Kural
  Real meaning behind the clutter of words
IT, PHP, ASP, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, Web Design, Web Programming, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Medicare, Video. Software Localization, Audio, Audios, Books, Novels, Proofreading, Editing, Translation, Translator, T+E+P ... Turkish
687 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Özgür Salman
  subtitler of over 3.000 episodes
cinema, sinema, movie, movies, tv, television, episode, episodes, dvd, show, tv show, drama, çeviri, çevirmen, documentary, documentaries, belgesel, talk show, subtitle, subtitling, dubbing, overdub, altyazı, alt yazı, dublaj, seslendirme, altyazı çevirisi, alt yazı çevirisi, dublaj çevirisi, seslendirme çevirisi, altyazı çevirmeni, alt yazı çevirmeni, dublaj çevirmeni, seslendirme çevirmeni, freelance, freelancer, media, medya, serbest çevirmen, çeviri, translator, translating, translation, series, film, films, food, gıda, yiyecek, spor, sports, bilgisayar, bilişim, IT, computer, computers, software, hardware, localization, web, internet, donanım, yazılım, yerelleştirme, home office, ev ofisi, evden çeviri, evinden çeviri, evinden altyazı, evinden altyazı ... Turkish
664 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Nuri Razi
  15 years in the industry
Turkish, English, Russian, Turkmen, Turkey, technical, translator, finance, law, automotive, mechanical, engineer, economist, engineering, Economics, petroleum, chemistry, native, Turkish, translator, Turkish, translator, localization, service, medical, interpreter, ethnic, petrochemistry, native, experience, commitment, professional, proofreading, subtitling, editing, переводчик, турецкий переводчик, турция, DTP, xml, Passolo, Framemaker, ATA, member, American Association of Translators, interpreter, SDL Trados, IT, information, technology, proofreader, editor, Türkçe, İngilizce Tercüman, Çevirmen, Yeminli, tercüman, sworn, translator, certified, ITI, simultaneous, consecutive, experienced, proficient, reference, master's degree, PHD, foreign language, Turkish, paypal, conference, translator, moneybookers, SDL Studio 2011, SDL Studio 2009, Multitran, Across, Multilizer, WordFast, Deja Vu, DipTrans, DPSI, Chartered Institute of Linguists, CIOL, IOL, IOLET, Trados, proz.com, proz, SDL, ... Turkish
840 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Nilgün Bayram
  Engineer;meticulous, scrupulous, curious
technical, technology, engineering, civil, mechanical, environmental, electric, electronics, scientific, Physics, astronomy, chemistry, biology, medicine, medical, health care, dentistry, pharmaceuticals, MSDS, English into Turkish Translation, English into Turkish translator, English-Turkish translation, English-Turkish translator, Turkish translation, Turkish proofreader ... Turkish
536 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Türker Türkbayrak
  Ind. Eng, MSc, NAATI, 14+ yrs, full-time
Turkish, English, freelance translator, industrial engineer, technical, legal, patent, automotive, software localization, pharmaceutical, ERP, power ... Turkish
339 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Baran Keki
  Sworn Legal & Financial Translator
English to Turkish Translation, Turkish Translation, Turkish Translator, Turkish Sworn Translator, English to Turkish Legal Translation, Certified English to Turkish Translation, English to Turkish Localization, English to Turkish Technical Translation, American Translators Association, Certified Turkish Translator, Native Turkish Translator, Certified Translator, Turkish Court Translator, Turkish Notary Translator, Turkish Notarization, Trados Studio, Memoq, Across, SDL, ATA, Contracts, Agreements, Powers of Attorney, Technical Patents, Design Patents, Notarial Deeds & Certificates, Apostilles, Wills, Court Orders, Divorce Settlements, Property Settlement Agreements, Patent Laws, Insurance Laws, Reassurance, Statutory Decrees, Arbitration Decisions, Corporate Charters, Guidelines, Terms and Conditions, Internal Directives, Articles of Association, Codes of Conduct, Ethics & Compliance, Corporate Communications, Privacy Notices, Data Protection, GDPR, EU Laws and Directives, Turkish Co ... Turkish
332 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Balaban Cerit
  Speed is important; quality is essential
accurate, ASP, Automation, bilgisayar çevirisi, business translation, business translations, çeviri hizmeti, çeviri hizmetleri, çevirmen, deneyim, deneyimli, Document Translation, Excel, Doküman çevirisi, DTP, electric, electronic, elektrik, endüstri, English-to-Turkish, English-Turkish, fast, finance, financial, finans, freelance translator, free-lance translator, freelance translators, free-lance translators, freelancer, free-lancer, fulltime, full-time, Games, Gaming, GSM phones, hızlı, HTML, Word, industrial, industry, İngilizce çeviri, İngilizce tercüme, İngilizce tercüman;İngilizceden Türkçeye, İngilizce-Türkçe, kalite, kullanım kılavuzları, kullanım kılavuzu, Management, manual, manuals, Media, Mobil, Mobile, network, newsletters, online çeviri, on-line çeviri, on-line çevirmen, online translation, on-line translation, on-line translator, Otomasyon, Pazar araştırması, PDF, PHP, Flash, Photoshop, Physics, Political, PR, Profesyonel çevirmen, program, programlama, programming, pro ... Turkish
274 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   altugk
  BSc&MSc, Full-stack Tech. Translator
Turkish, IT, computers, network, software, localization, quality Management, quality assurance, mining, training manual, programming, operations research, optimization, mechanical engineering, computer security, user manual, maintenance manual, operation manual, petroleum engineering, translation, games, game, automotive ... Turkish
273 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Bora Taşdemir
  🔐Let's unlock the Ultimate Achievement!
Turkish game translation, Turkish app translation, game translation, Turkish game localization, game Istanbul, game Turkey, game translators from Turkey, game testing, MMO, RPG, MMORPG, browser games, console games, PC games, Turkish, software, localization, app translation, Turkish app localization, game dubbing, game subtitling, app, application, mobile, mobile game testing, iPad, 3D, AR, Turkish game translate, Turkish app translate, Turkish application translate ... Turkish
256 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   Serdar Usta
  IT and Automotive Specialist
Turkish, translation, translator, proofreading, editing, telecommunication, telecommuting, computer books, software, hardware, IT, information technology, computer, engineering, communication, science, scientific articles, localization, help, pc, manuals, brochures, magazines, technical, trade, marketing, contracts, Turkish Localization, Turkish translation, Turkish proofreading, information technologies, commercial translation, technical translation, Computers: Software, Computers: Hardware, Business/Commerce (general), Automotive / Cars & Trucks, Turkish linguist, experienced Turkish translator, SW Strings translation, Trados, SDL Trados, SDLX, Wordfast, Passolo, Catalyst, Sworn Translator, Web Page translation, Turkish Web Page translation, IT, Telecom(munications), aviation, navigation, aircraft technology, English to Turkish linguist ... Turkish
249 points
English to Turkish
  Ilhan Gadis
  translator with engineering background
Applicances, Automation, Cars, Communications, Computers, Datasheets, Document, Electric, Electrical devices, Electrical equipments, Electronic, Electronic devices, English, Turk, English to Turkish, English to Turkish translator, English to Turkish translation, English to Turkish freelance translator, English to Turkish technical translation, English to Turkish technical translator, Excel, Household products, HTML, Industrial devices, Industrial equipments, Industry, Information technology, Instruction Manuals, IT, Localization, Machinery, Manual, Manuals, Marine, Material Safety Data Sheet, Mechanical devices, Mechanical engineering, Medical equipments, Medical devices, Medical instruments, Medical translation, MSDS, Naval technology, Operating manuals, Optics, Power tools, Scientific articles, Scientific papers, Software localization, Technical books, Technical manual, Technical specifications, Technical, Technical translation, Translation, Technology, Telecommunication, Trados, Tru ... Turkish
246 points
English to Turkish
  Nigar Mancini
  Expertise in industry and business
Turkish-English English-Turkish translation, academic texts, technical texts, articles, manuals, legal documents, translator, English Turkish translator, interpreter, trados, italiano-turco, italiano turco traduzione, turco italiano traduzione, italian Turkish translation, traduttore turco italiano, italiano traduzione, interpretario turco, traduttore turco, technical translation, traduzione tecnica, legale, MBA, business Management, professional translator, interpreter, Hacettepe University, Hacettepe Üniversitesi, Harvard Business School, experienced translator, experienced Turkish translator, full-time freelance translator ... Turkish
215 points
English to Turkish
Identity Verified   FATİH ORUÇ
  Medical Translations by Fatih ORUC
Medical translation, Medical translation services, certified medical translation, Translate medical terms, health translator, pharmaceutical translation, ... Turkish
200 points
English to Turkish
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