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Billing and Payment


  • 1 - Billing and payment: general


  • 1.1 - How much does membership cost?

    Local payment options are available in some countries, whereby residents have the option to purchase the Standard service package in their local currency.

  • 1.2 - How can I pay for membership?

    You may pay for your membership with one of the following methods:

    Credit Card
    Check or Money Order
    Wire Transfer
    Western Union

    1. Go to the Membership Purchase Page
    2. Click the "Purchase now" button below your chosen membership package
    3. Follow the instructions on subsequent pages to pay for your membership

    Please know that depending on which payment type you use, your membership status might not be upgraded the same day. For example, if you pay by wire transfer, it could take up to 2 weeks before we receive your payment.

    Also, please note that prices may be higher when using other payment methods other than credit cards or PayPal.

  • 1.3 - Will my payment be secure? Is my credit card information safe?

    Yes. Payments are processed securely by Paypal or other well-established 3rd-party processor. (This happens behind the scenes and it is not necessary that you have a Paypal account.) Credit card data is not held or stored by

  • 1.4 - If I renew my membership before it expires, what happens with my renewal date?

    Every time you manually renew your membership, we add that time to the time that you have in your current membership. For example, if your membership expires in three months and you buy another membership for one year, your renewal date will be in 15 months.

    If you are subscribed to an automatic renewal, you don't need to worry about your renewal date, as it will be updated automatically once the payment is made.

  • 1.5 - Why does sometimes charge VAT tax on memberships purchased from within the EU?

    (This question only affects members in Europe.)

    If, when purchasing a membership from within the European Union, a member does not supply a VAT number which can be verified online, is obliged by law to collect VAT tax against the purchase made, according to the VAT rate applicable in the country of the purchaser.

    If a VAT number is supplied, no VAT tax is charged.

    For those desiring more details: In July of 2003, the EU entered into effect a directive obliging non-EU suppliers of digital services to collect VAT tax on sales made to individuals (not businesses) living in the EU countries. reports and remits VAT taxes it collects to the Spanish tax authority, under the provisions of the "Special Scheme for non-EU Businesses Providing Electronically Supplied Services to EU Consumers"

    For more information, see the EU "Directive relating to VAT on digital services
    entered into force on 1 July 2003" at

  • 1.6 - What if I decide that I am not satisfied with my membership--can I get a refund?

    Yes. For the Standard service package, offers a full satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your membership, submit a support request. A prorated refund will be issued, less any payment fees that have been charged.

    Note: Refunds for payments made by credit card, Skrill, or PayPal will be processed using the method that was originally used to make payment, e.g. Skrill payments are refunded via Skrill. Due to high transfer fees, users who pay via wire transfer (either locally or to's bank in the U.S.) or Western Union will be asked to provide an alternate refund method; in this case, either PayPal or Skrill. may also provide refunds via check for those users residing in the United States. Prorated refunds may not be available on purchases of the Plus service package.

  • 1.7 - Should I submit a chargeback or dispute in order to receive a refund for my membership payment or other purchases I made on the site?

    No. The appropriate channel to request refunds for purchases made to is through the site's online support center:

  • 1.8 - Your fee is too high for translators in my country.

    According to data available from members and renewal rates, membership is a smart investment for a professional translator anywhere in the world. Taking just one aspect of membership-- meeting clients-- nearly 90% of members report a positive return on their investment in just the first year (over 40% in the first three months). As a result, has significant member bases not only in Western Europe and North America, but also in Eastern Europe, Latin America and elsewhere throughout the world.

  • 1.9 - Where can I find my invoice for purchase made on the site?

    You can find all your invoices related with purchases made on via your Profile wallet .

  • 1.10 - I need my invoice in French/German for tax purposes. emails you an invoice at the time you purchase your membership. That is the only invoice we send. We are sorry but we don't translate, send hard copies, stamp or modify the invoice in any way.

  • 1.11 - Could I submit a payment via Western Union or MoneyGram?

    If you would like to submit a payment via Western Union or MoneyGram, submit a support request stating so. staff will reply to your ticket with the name and address to send the payment. After the payment is sent, respond to the support ticket with the MTCN ("Money Transfer Control Number") and the contact information (including your own) you used for the payment. After your payment is verified, your purchase will be processed.

    Please note that staff must physically go to a Western Union or MoneyGram office to receive a payment. Because of this, we ask that you use these payment methods as a last resort for submitting payments to Recommended payment methods include credit card (direclty on, or using, PayPal, and

  • 1.12 - How can I pay for training sessions, webinars and conferences?

    Make sure you are logged in to the site and visit the page for the training session, webinar or conference which you wish to book. Prices and payment information will be shown on the page. Various payment methods are accepted, including

  • credit card
  • PayPal transfer
  • Moneybookers transfer
  • wire transfer to a dedicated account

    Local payment options for training sessions are available in the training sessions FAQ.

    If you have any problems or questions regarding payment for training sessions, webinars or conferences, please submit a support request.

  • 12.1 - I'd like to purchase my membership in my local currency. Can I do so through any of the payment methods available?

    No. To pay in your local currency first check if there is a local payment contact in your country and follow the payment instructions described in the local payment page. If there is no local payment contact in your country then you can pay for your membership using the online payment methods available in the membership page .

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  • 1.13 - Can I also renew my current membership via local payment?

    Yes, all types of memberships may be renewed through local payment contacts.

  • 1.14 - What type of membership can I buy via a local payment contact?

    The only professional membership service package that can be purchased via local payment contacts is the Standard package.

  • 1.15 - Why are membership prices in USD only?

    In 2016, along with the introduction of the Plus service package for members, some changes and simplifications were made in membership and membership pricing. Overall pricing was reduced, standardized, and set in USD (if you previously paid in EUR, for example, the new USD pricing is such that you are actually paying less per year, even after exchanges and fees). Membership options such as partial memberships and six-month memberships were deprecated, in favor of a subscription model. And some modifications were made to ensure that benefits that paying members enjoy were not given away to non-members at little or no charge (dollar quoting, browniz points to purchase Blue Board records, etc., were deprecated).

  • 1.16 - I made a purchase and it seems I was charged twice. What should I do?

    If you were charged twice for a site purchase, contact site staff before contacting your credit card company or your merchant account. You may contact site staff through the support system so that the duplicate payment can be confirmed and a refund issued, if necessary. If you have already contacted your credit card company, or your merchant account, if possible, please contact them again to have any "chargeback" or "unauthorized" complaint removed so can handle the refund via our online support system and not incur a fee on our end nor yours as well.

  • 1.17 - I followed the steps online to renew/purchase membership via wire transfer. Is this online form binding?

    No. Membership payments via bank transfer are completed and processed once the payment is received (i.e. the form obtained online does not constitute payment and it is not binding.)

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  • 2 - How can I pay in my local currency? offers the option to purchase membership in local currency for some countries. Check the local payment page for information on the local payment procedure in your country.

  • 3 - I have a wallet balance. Can I pay for membership using the money in my wallet?

    Yes. If you have a balance in your wallet, when you go through the payment steps beginning here, you will be offered the option to pay using the balance contained in your wallet.

  • 4 - I'm in the EU. Do I have to pay VAT?

    If you live outside the EU, or if you live in the EU and have a VAT number, no. If you live in the EU but do not have VAT number, yes.

  • 5 - Why does collect VAT? The company is not based in the EU.

    Even though is not based in the EU, as a company selling a digital service "consumed" in the EU, is obligated by the EU to collect VAT at the national rate of the consumer, and to remit all VAT collected to a single EU country in a quarterly basis. remits to Germany.

  • 5.1 - How can I verify's participation in the special scheme VAT on e-Services?

    Please refer to the following document to confirm's participation in the special scheme for the taxation of non-EU businesses which provide electronically supplied services to EU consumers:

    This form may be used by EU residents for tax purposes.

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  • 6 - In my case, the fees seem to add up during purchase. How can I avoid extra charges like VAT or payment fees?

    To avoid a VAT charge, supply your VAT number during the upgrade process - this relieves us of the obligation to collect VAT tax from you.

    Each of these options is presented during the course of the upgrade payment process.

  • 7 - Payment by credit card

  • 7.1 - I am trying to upgrade, but's credit card processor will not accept my CVV2 number. What to do?

    2checkout's help page about the CVV2 number can be found here:

    This page includes pictures of credit cards, highlighting the CVV2 number. It also includes the following text:

    "If you are using a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card, it is a 3 digit number that appears to the right of your card number...

    "If you are using an American Express card, the verification number is a 4 digit number that appears on the front of your card, above and either on the left or right of the card number...

    "If your card does not have a verification number, try another card or enter the number 000."

    If the above does not help you complete payment, please enter a support request. Thank you!

  • 7.2 - I am unable to pay by credit card via's credit card processor. Is there another credit card payment option?

    If you continue to have trouble paying by credit card via's credit card processor, you may wish to try using Paypal instead. Paypal allows buyers in many countries to pay by credit card without requiring them to have a Paypal account.

  • 7.3 - Your credit card processor cancelled my payment on the basis of my country of residence. What are my options?

    We apologize for the inconvenience; we do not have full control of the risk management policies of our third-party processor. Please consider making payment using another payment method. We will work with you on this to make sure you do not pay more as a result of this inconvenience.

  • 7.4 - How can I change the currency of my credit card payment at 2checkout?'s credit card processor, 2checkout, attempts to guess the local currency of the buyer and defaults to charging in that currency. To change the currency in which to make your credit card payment, select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu labeled "CURRENCY".

  • 7.5 - I received an 10417/ 10505/10745 Error Message from Paypal. What is it?

    Paypal says the most likely cause for this type of error is the method of payment chosen at Paypal's website did not succeed. The most likely cause is that the credit card did not receive bank authorization. You may want to consider another payment method, such as 2checkout. If you receive a 10505 Error Message, it means that you have a problem with the AVS, address verification system. Paypal requires that the same address be used that is on record with the credit card being used.
    The 10745 error is also related to address. The application requires not your current address but the billing address of you credit card. The address entered when making payment must match the billing address of the payment method.

  • 7.6 - I received a 10754 Error Message

    Please read the information below from regarding this situation:

    Simply put, when orders are being processed, the transaction goes like this:

    1. Our server talks to the CC company server and says "card # *** wants to buy something for $25.00 US".
    2. The CC company responds with "ok, the card number is valid, I've reserved the $25.00, the funds are available" (*****note***** funds are reserved, NO charge has been made!).
    3. Our server contacts the CC company and then says, "OK...lets verify things first. The address is....the phone number is....the CVV2 code is...."
    4. The CC company then responds and says "yes, all the information is valid."
    5. Our server contacts the CC company and says, "ok, place the charge."
    6. The CC company then responds with "order complete, card charged."

    Sometimes the process completed the first 2 steps and failed at some point between step 3 and 5.

    Your card was not charged. There was never a completed transaction. The money that shows as being charges are simply the funds that have been reserved. Normally, these funds are released by the CC company within a few days when their system recognizes that there was no completed transaction.

    You will need to attempt your transaction again, this time using PayPal as the payment method instead. PayPal accepts credit cards as well, and their transaction fee is lower than the dedicated credit card processor.

    If you find that either of the pending transactions post to your account, please open a support ticket and we will promptly refund your money.

  • 7.7 - I received a 15005 Error message

    Although marked as not required, sometimes credit cards or Paypal require complete information in the “address” and “state” fields that appear in the billing page.

    This error message is related to those fields. If you didn’t enter any information in those fields, please, enter the same information in those fields that you have in your credit card or Paypal account and try again.

  • 7.8 - Can I use my American Express for payments?

    Yes. You can use your AmEx credit card to submit any payment. However, note that AmEx payments are only possible in USD as Paypal, which handles direct credit card payments, does not accept AmEx payments in EUR from some countries.

  • 7.9 - Can I pay using somebody else's credit card?

    Yes. To submit payment using somebody else's credit card, just login to your account and follow the payment steps. Make sure that all of the billing information you enter matches the billing info of the card being used.

    Note that you will not be able to apply for identity verification if you pay using a credit card that does not carry your name.

  • 7.10 - After changing my credit card would I need to register the new one with to pay for membership?

    Please note that you do not need to register your credit card, you just need to enter the correct credit card information in the payment process.

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  • 8 - Payment by PayPal

  • 8.1 - My membership was automatically renewed and my PayPal account debited. Why?

    If you were automatically charged for membership in your PayPal account, this means that you have subscribed to the automatic PayPal payment method when purchasing membership in the past.

    To confirm that you have a PayPal subscription with, check your wallet here. If a membership subscription has been made, the following Item will be listed in your wallet:

    Purchase: professional membership (auto-renewed yearly)

    If you want to cancel your PayPal subscription, simply follow the steps described here. To receive a refund for the last payment debited from your PayPal account, simply submit a support request.

  • 8.2 - I've made a PayPal subscription payment. How do I cancel my subscription?

    If you have signed up for a recurring PayPal membership subscription and wish to cancel the subscription, you may do so from your PayPal account.

    Go to your "Account activity" list in your PayPal account and find the payment/subscription. It will look something like this:

    Click on "Details" for the subscription. At the bottom of the "Details" page, you will have the following three buttons:

    Just click on the "Cancel" button. You will need to confirm your cancellation of the subscription.

    If you are having problems canceling a subscription, need a refund or have other doubts or questions, contact staff via support request for help.

  • 8.3 - Can I use PayPal if I do not have a credit card?

    PayPal policy concerning third-party payments states that a credit card is required, so that if when renewal takes place there are insufficient funds, it can cover for the payment.

    For more information on PayPal policy, visit PayPal FAQs section.

  • 8.4 - I received a notification indicating that my subscription in PayPal has been canceled, but I did not request this cancelation? What should I do?

    Please check with PayPal to see if there are sufficient funds remaining in your PayPal account as this might have been the reason why your subscription was canceled.

  • 8.5 - My subscription has been canceled. Does this mean that my membership in has been canceled too?

    No. Canceling your subscription from Paypal and terminating your membership are two different things. To cancel your subscription you should follow the steps described here. To end your membership at please submit a support request.

  • 8.6 - I have canceled my auto-renewed subscription but I would like to create a new one again. How can I do this?

    If you would like to create a subscription again you should click on the "Subscribe now" button here .

  • 8.7 - My auto-renewed subscription was canceled. What will happen now?

    Canceling your auto-renewed subscription will prevent your membership from being automatically renewed on the renewal date so if you would like to renew your membership you will have to go through the renewal steps described here.

  • 8.8 - I was automatically charged twice for membership in a short period of time. What should I do? Should I submit a chargeback with my credit card company?

    If your membership was renewed automatically more than once within a very short period of time, it is possible that you may have inadvertently subscribed to the automatic payment method more than once. If this the case, please do not contact your credit card company nor your merchant account before submitting your online support ticket to Once we have received your online request, we'll be able to notify you if you need to contact either the processor or credit card company. Be assured that if you were charged twice, will immediate refund you the amount back to your account. Please contact site staff via the support request to allow us to look further into this matter.

    If you have already contacted your credit card company, or your merchant account, if possible, please contact them again to have any chargeback or unauthorized complaint removed so can handle the refund via our online support system and not incur a fee on our end nor yours as well.

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  • 9 - Payment by Skrill

  • 9.1 - Does accept payments via Skrill? has a Skrill account, but it is not yet integrated with our payment system. To make a payment to using Skrill you must first visit our payment page to receive an invoice. Go to and click the "buy now" button next to the membership you wish to purchase. You will be asked for your billing information and then asked to select a payment method. Please select "check or money order". This will provide you with an invoice.

    Pay the amount shown on the invoice to via Skrill, setting the recipient to

    Finally, submit a support request indicating the payment has been made, and we will manually process your purchase. Please be sure to include the amount paid, the transaction ID and your Skrill email address.

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  • 10 - Payment by wire transfer

  • 10.1 - How can I pay by wire transfer?

    Please go to the membership page and follow the payment steps for the type of membership you wish to purchase. From the payment method selection page, choose "Other payment options" and then select "Wire Transfer". Click "Next" to receive your confirmation invoice and detailed account information and instructions on how to make the wire transfer. You should allow up to two weeks for your wire transfer to be fully processed.

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